For millions of homeowners anywhere in the world, having a home renovation is an exciting affair.

But aside from new furniture pieces, new cabinetry, and new ceiling lights, another thing that could enhance any room, even more, is paint color.

The color you pick for a room could have a direct effect on a person’s mood. Therefore, it only makes sense to be careful in picking the color you would paint a room with.

In addition, when you pick a paint color, don’t only base it according to your favorite color, try to incorporate the mood you want the room to inspire.

When you decide on an aura you want a room to inspire, you can work your way from there in picking the right paint color for any of the rooms in your home.

For example, for your living room, if you want it to exude warmth and coziness, you may want to stick to warm hues. Shades of yellow, red, and orange can inspire warmth. Just don’t pair it with lights that are too bright. Dim, romantic lights work best with warm tones.

On the other hand, if you want a room to have a cool, sleek, sophisticated mood, you can go for shades of violet, grayish blue, and blue. You can even enhance the cool you are trying to achieve by adding touches of lighter, plain tones such as white as borders on your blue walls. Trying a minimalist style with these tones will complete the modernistic, elegant look.

If you have a teenage daughter and you want her bedroom to be chic and stylish, you can try using bold and bright colors together to make the room more fun and lively. However, if you don’t want loud and bold tones, you can also opt for rich, calm colors such as lavender, mauve, with white undertones.