If you live with a family of your own, chances are, your dining room is one of the busiest rooms in your room where you and your family members sit together.

And, aside from being just a place where you eat with your family or guests, the dining room is actually being used by some people for other purposes; such as doing some paperwork (if you don’t have a home office). So, apart from making sure that the dining area looks beautiful, we also have to make sure that it can give us what we need.

Lights play an important role in any room in a house. For a dining room, we have to take into consideration the mood we want to set every time we sit down and have dinner with family.

There are a variety of lighting styles that will be suitable for dining area use:


Chandeliers are timeless, elegant, and seriously grand. They can really be suitable for dining rooms if you want to add an extra extravagance. Another great thing about chandeliers is that you can use it even for low ceilings.

Monorail lights

Monorail lighting works best for dining rooms with long tables. They can effectively illuminate the table and the room without being too bright. Moreover, monorail lights can give emphasis not only to the room but to the ceilings, too.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are good for dining areas as well because, in addition to making the room a bit brighter, pendant lights come in various gorgeous designs that will definitely elevate the design of your dining room.

Wall sconces and accent lights

Not to be used directly over the dining table, wall sconces and accent lights on the walls of your dining room can create decorative layers to the room. Wall sconces, as well as accent lights, can set the mood for your dining area and ensure that the lighting in the entire room is evenly distributed.